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All session we offer are available in 10min, 20min, 30min, 40min and 60min sessions 

We offer the following sessions

•    Counselling
•    Quantum Body sessions (for any body ailments, disease)
•    Nutrition / supplement session 
•    Heavenly Courtroom session 
•    Time clock session 
•    Epigenetic session
•    Heartwall session (these are photo session only) 
•    SIT (satanic information technologies) 
•    Bloodline session

 Supplement Session


 Quantum Product, Supplements, Nutrient deficiency and Essential Oil Assessment

 HeartWall Session

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"Trapped emotions distort/destroys the body’s energy field and causes imbalances in your body”


Bloodline and heavenly courtroom sessions

To deal with spiritual bondage and to free you form the grasp of the enemy 

Body, sit/technolog,counseling + epigenetic sessions


Available in 30, 40 or 60 minute sessions


Counseling sessions focuses more on:
Talking through trauma, Helping you process trauma, Life hacks to help you deal with difficult situations and Practical ways to heal, be a better person and find a balanced understanding of being. 
These sessions can also be booked by couples, or two people who needs a mediator.

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10 Minute Supplement Session

10min Quantum Product, Supplements, Nutrient deficiency and Essential Oil Assessment

Tired of having countless supplements and not sure if your body needs them?

Through accessing your electromagnetic energy via a photo and using tried and tested methods of proxy muscle testing, we can identify which supplements your body needs and which ones are not being absorbed.

This same process can be used to assess which essential oils your body requires to maintain your health, or to heal emotionally and physically.

Step 1 – Complete the Quantum Body Assessment consent form (CUSTOMER FORM tab in the menu)

Step 2 – Email or WhatsApp (076 781 7254) the consent form and a recent photo of the person that you would like to be tested for essential oils. For supplements, please include pictures of the supplements you need to be tested.

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20 Minute Heart Wall Session

Trapped emotions distort/destroys the body’s energy field and causes imbalances in your body”

93% of people who were treated have a heart wall.

In our opinion, the heart is the only organ that feels all emotions. In order to protect itself, the body builds up a “heart wall” of any excess material that it can find in the body. Excess materials are mostly found in the form of trapped emotions.  Each trapped emotion is a layer of the heart wall. Every Trapped emotion can be a different distance.

Possible causes of the heart wall:

  • Have a possibility of blocking one’s ability to give and receive love

  • Can possibly create emotional instability (and other emotional troubles, distress, or stress)

  • Could block you from success (abundance block)

  • Could interfere with prosperity

  • Possible physical effect: chest, neck, shoulder pain

  • Possible emotional effects: numbness, emotionally up and down, and relationship difficulty

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Heavenly Courtroom sessions:

Available in 60min only

Through the bloodline we inherited ungodly bonds and curses that pay out in our lifetime. Just as you would have a bond on a house, and that bond’s payment becomes due, these ungodly bonds pay out as a form of evil inheritance, and there is a price to be paid in your lifetime. This scan will provide a detailed report on these ungodly bonds, unrepented sins keeping it in place and the entities assigned over these bonds. But it will also provide information on Godly bonds that are available on the bloodline and need to be claimed and released, as well as blessings. Remember; you do not just inherit the ungodly bonds and curses on a bloodline, the blessings are also for the generations to come! The report includes a prayer to release ungodly bonds and to claim the Godly bonds and blessing


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SIT session: Technology Session

Available in 30 /40 and 60minute sessions.

Along with the development of our modern society, we as humans have not only helped pathogens evolve, but also we have genetically manipulated them, we also create Nano-technologies and

interfere with the natural sequences of these pathogens.


Over time pathogens (which are living organisms, have become smarter in masking themselves making it more difficult for the immune system to find them.

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Body Session

Available in 30 /40 and 60minute sessions.

These session we can ask the body if there are any underlying causes of a symptom the body is displaying.
In these session we can do almost anything that we offer. 

This is the most common type of session booed, if you are unsure of what session to book, this sessions is probably the best to book

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Epigenetic Session

30,40 or 60min sessions are available


Epigenetics is the information above our gene (DNA/RNA) that helps us express, activate or deactivate genes. The DNA is the blueprint, but the epigenetics is the contractor that builds the house.

The DNA is found in the nucleus of the cell, and the epigenetics is found on top of the DNA. DNA curls up on itself (almost like bundling string up into a tube shaped ball) along with the epigenetic (tags or markers) to eventually form chromosomes. And so our DNA and epigenetic markers or tags will be passed down from generation to generation along with our genes (DNA code). 50% from our mother and 50% from our father.

In this session we find what has been passed down to you, or what has been attached to your epigenetic markers.

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