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"Fix the mistake, do not fixate on the mistake"

Natanja Kruger

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"Your life will only have meaning to the extent you lay it down for others"
Grant Luton

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Meet your Consultant!

My name is Natanja Kruger and I am the owner of Emotional Equilibrium.

"I was born and raised in South Africa. After completing my degree and honors at university, I started working as a high school teacher in Johannesburg for 3 years. I always knew that I loved teaching, it is my passion, but somehow teaching school always felt like a stepping stone. At the end of 2019 I enrolled for my first course in muscle testing (kinesiology) and I have never looked back. Now I am teaching people about their emotions, bodies, health and so much more. I am extremely grateful that my day job is to empower people to change their lives, give them words for things they have felt their entire lives and to find what trauma is stuck in their bodies through muscle testing. My greatest joy is helping others how to live a life that hosts a happy spirit, body and soul. We need to tend to all three parts of “being”, to truly be healthy. Step out of your comfort zone, it might just change your life like it changed mine"

Muscle testing, how does it work?

Muscle testing works on the principle of quantum physics and quantum laws. Just like the scans created by machines like the Xray, MRI or CT, muscle testing also makes use of the quantum physics science. The amazing thing is, that you do not have to pay millions to buy the machine. Instead, we test muscles and the electromagnetic current of the body.


Each person has an electromagnetic current (EMC from hereon) that runs through their bodies. This current is made by the heartbeat. Like a lie detector’s test, muscle testing tests the strength of this current created by the heart. If someone is hooked onto a lie detector’s test, their EMC will stay strong as long as the statement is true, it will weaken if a statement is false.


The same will be true when we test a muscle. When the muscle remains strong, the answer is yes, if the answer is no, the muscle will be unable to remains strong and will weaken. Different practitioners will make use of different techniques of muscle testing. The clinical term for this method is called kinesiology. Kinesiology is used as a biofeedback method to get feedback from the body (more specifically, the subconscious mind).


You see, the subconscious mind is a constant recorder. It is the google of the body, it knows everything. So if we ask the body a question using muscle testing, it answers from the memory of the subconscious mind.


The last key to understand how muscle testing works, is understanding proxy testing. Proxy means to represent someone else or on behalf of someone. This means that the practitioner tests on behalf of the client. Many people wonder how is that possible. How is it possible that you speak into your phone and the sound comes out of someone else’s phone? Or that you get into an Xray machine, and it takes a photo of only your bones or even that you get into the world’s strongest magnet, and it gives you an MRI image. You see all of these make use of the quantum physics instead of Newtonian physics. It is because your electromagnetic current is made up of quantum particles that it is accessible from a great distance, or even over a video call. The practitioner can test your current over a video call, just like your voice can be heard / accessed over a video call.

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